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New Dual Enrollment Toolkit

May 24th 2016 - News Release

In partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), the Career Ladders Project and the RP Group have created a Dual Enrollment Toolkit. The Toolkit is an online resource that highlights promising practices and materials to support secondary and community college partners in offering high school students opportunities to earn college credits while they […]

Webinar Series: Quantitative Leap How Math Policies Can Support Transitions To and Through College

May 4th 2016 - News Release

Webinar 1 – A Gateway to College: Rethinking Postsecondary Mathematics May 25, 11am – 12:15pm Pacific (2pm – 3:15pm Eastern) Mathematics plays a fundamental role as a gateway to higher education. Besides the general education mathematics courses that students typically take to earn a degree, a large proportion of students are assigned to postsecondary remedial math […]

Career Ladders Project is seeking three dynamic professionals to join our team!!

April 20th 2016 - News Release

Community College Associate The Career Ladders Project (CLP) is seeking a Community College Associate to be a part of the CLP team in working with community colleges and their partners in developing, implementing and documenting high quality pathway and transition approaches to improving student success. This position is a full-time or part- time exempt position […]

New Report Focuses on Contextualized Teaching and Learning

March 23rd 2016 - News Release

“Career Advancement Academies (CAAs) have been implemented in colleges across several regions of California and have provided a rich testing ground for more structured and integrated approaches to support student entry into – and progression along – college and career pathways. Elements of the CAA framework have informed, and are becoming integrated into, major statewide […]

New Brief from LearningWorks Calls for Alignment and Coherence

March 23rd 2016 - News Release

“Misalignment and policy incoherence can place needless obstacles in students’ way. Disjointed pathways create barriers to college access and completion, costing students and the state both time and money. The recommendations in this policy brief focus on how the state and its education systems must work together to eliminate those barriers.” Quantitative Leap: How Math […]

What is the Economic Value of Community College Degrees and Certificates?

March 21st 2016 - News Release

In a blog article recently posted to PACE’s website, CLP’s Director of Research Mina Dadgar synthesized her recent study conducted in collaboration with Madeline Joy Trimble of Columbia University. By analyzing the economic benefits of certificates in the labor market the study estimates the relationship between earning a certificate and student earnings and employment post graduation. […]

It’s Out!!  Legal Opinion 16-02 Dual Enrollment and AB 288 (CCAP)

March 17th 2016 - News Release

“Assembly Bill 288 (Holden) was enacted January 1, 2016 . . .  [It] enables the governing board of a community college district to enter into a College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnership with the governing board of a school district.” Legal Opinion 16-02, issued by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, addresses two key […]

As Governor Jerry Brown calls for math reform, LearningWorks initiatives emerge.

February 26th 2016 - News Release

Via ED Source Oakland, Calif., March 1, 2016. LearningWorks was mentioned this month in an Edsource article which detailed Governor Jerry Brown’s intent to ask California institutions to compete to create math reform across the state. The governor “is proposing spending $3 million for a competition to develop a year-long math course that is closely aligned with […]

Community College Week cites LearningWork/PACE Degree of Freedom papers

August 19th 2015 - News Release

“The need for reform is clear. Developmental math long has been called the Bermuda Triangle of community colleges: students go in but never come out. More than 60 percent of community college students are placed into at least one developmental math course. In California, home to the country’s largest community college system, the figure is […]

CLP is hiring a Senior Program Associate!

July 22nd 2015 - News Release

The Career Ladders Project (CLP) is seeking a Senior Program Associate to join a dynamic team of professionals developing the capacity of education and workforce partners to implement and drive positive change within the greater Los Angeles region. Based in the Los Angeles area, the Senior Program Associate will support CLP projects and activities in […]