Video Features

Career Ladders programs are featured on local television networks.

— CLP in the News

The Career Ladders Project is highlighted in the following publications:

LBCC Awarded Grant to Further Help Linked Learning Academy High School Students
By Jason Ruiz
Long Beach Post
May 2013

Career Ladders and Pathways for the Hard-to-Employ
CLP’s Career Advancement Academies are featured in this issue brief from Social Policy Research Associates.
September 2010

Gateway Project featured in Connected by 25:
Financing Education Supports for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care

Program helps ex-gang member and school dropout turn her life around
Walter S. Johnson Foundation and Career Ladders Project supported Gateway program helps ex-gang member and school dropout turn her life around; graduate of Career Pathways Program featured.
Matthias Gafni, Contra Costa Times, December 9, 2007

How California’s Postsecondary Education Systems Address Workforce Development
September 2007 report by the California Postsecondary Education Commission. (page 7)

The Career Pathways How-To Guide
Davis Jenkins and Christopher Spence
October 2006 (page 28 & 38)

Bridges to Careers for Low-Skilled Adults: A Program Development Guide
Women Employed 2005 (page 103)