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Under the guidance and support of the Career Ladders Project, the California Counseling Network (CaCN) provides a professional forum for collaboration and innovation among counselors and student support colleagues serving students in secondary and post-secondary career pathways. CaCN functions as a platform for dialogue, resource sharing, and dissemination of effective practices with the goal of strengthening the impact of counseling on students’ academic and career success. CaCN furthers the objectives of the California Career Pathways Trust (CPT) and other education reform initiatives by fostering partnerships and improving intersegmental alignment across systems which support transitions from high school to career. Expertise and collaboration from counseling and student-direct support systems are useful resources for CPT initiatives.

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Career Ladders Project Resources:
DBS Community of Practice
Improved Placement
High School to Community College Transition Tools

Counseling Articles:
The Role of Counseling in an Era of College Readiness
J. Lee, J. Mishook
Annenberg Institute for School
March 21012

Pathway Articles:
The Pursuit of Pathways: Combining Rigorous Academics with Career Pathways
R.B. Schwartz
American Educator 2014

The Role of Counseling Faculty and Delivery of Counseling Services in the California Community Colleges
The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges 2011-2012

Posed to Lead: How School Counselors Can Drive College and Career Readiness
P. L. Hines, R.W. Lemons, K.D. Crews
The Education Trust with support from MetLife Foundation
December 2011

The Emerging Role of the Community College Counselor
P. Preston
ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Personnel Services 1990

Policy and Legislation:
California Community College Chancellor’s Office 

Sample Career Pathway