— Linking Afterschool Employment to Careers

California has made a major commitment to afterschool programming for young people across the state. Following the passage of Proposition 49, After School Education and Safety (ASES) funds have led to a surge in afterschool programs and created an estimated 12,000 new after school jobs.

The Career Ladders Project is working with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to foster partnerships and synergy between the afterschool provider community and community colleges in California. Working together with other state agencies, educational institutions, workforce development and community organizations, the colleges and afterschool community can collaborate in developing a high quality workforce and promoting high quality afterschool programming.

Afterschool employment complements the college-going schedule, enabling community college students to work as afterschool employees while pursing their further education. Linking afterschool employment to continuing career pathways in related fields such as education, youth development or other public services gives community college students interested in these fields the opportunity to “try out” youth work, gain valuable work experience and contribute to their communities.

Promoting a culture of college-going and continued career advancement can strengthen afterschool programs, raise aspirations of school-age youth, and address the growing workforce gaps in public service, education and other youth-serving occupations.